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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dear Dorothy dix

Dear Dorothy Dix.
I am a sailor in the Australian Navy my family lives in Perth Western Australia.My brother in law is a"pommie" living in Adelaide South Australia.My parents are disabled and unable to work,they depend on my two sisters who are prostitutes in Melbourne Victoria.
My brother is serving life for rape and burglary...I am going with an aboriginal prostitute,she solicits around the navy dock.She says she loves me but knows nothing of my family's background. We intend to marry as soon as her bigamy case is being white does not bother her at all.
When I get out of the navy we will open a whore house in Brisbane. My two sisters will work there and keep the business in the family.....My problem is this.....Due to the fact I will
marry the girl and bring her into the family, should I tell about my brother in law being a "pommie"?????????


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